Traditionally, businesses have run their phone (voice) and data traffic on separate networks. However as the communication needs of businesses develop, many are finding it increasingly time consuming and complex to maintain, upgrade and manage multiple networks. IP Telephony eliminates this problem by combining voice and data networks onto a single network. This creates a more manageable, productive and cost-effective solution for business communications.

IP Telephony provides more than just cost savings. It can also bring about important changes in the business by enabling new and emerging technologies. Voice, data, unified messaging, video and call centre functions are just some of the applications which businesses can operate over a converged network.

Business VoIP / IP Telephony will benefit your business in a number of ways.

  • Reduced telephony costs and lower operating expenditure

  • More features for minimalist investment

  • Ease of MAC’s (Moves, Adds & Changes)

  • Enables collaboration tools for an increasingly decentralised work force

  • Provides lower cost WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity.

Unified Solutions Australia will work with you to develop a comprehensive VoIP solution tailored to your business needs and circumstances.