Effective deployment and ongoing management of IT assets is a complex challenge, often involving significant manual effort, cost, and risk associated with change. But the benefits of achieving standardized systems are significant. It has consistently been shown, that the TCO (total cost of ownership) of a well-managed desktop fleet is significantly lower than the cost of an unmanaged desktop. Despite the cost savings, many organisations don’t know where to begin.

Unified Solutions Australia is able to provide the tools to successfully manage systems, in conjunction with our partner solutions.

Altiris, part of the Symantec Group, helps to standardize IT lifecycle management. It helps organisations to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve the quality of service delivered. Altiris offers customers a unique approach with modular, integrated solutions for managing IT systems from requests through retirement. 

IT lifecycle management helps you control IT systems and manage changes to the environment. It involves configuring clients and servers, adopting structured change management and streamlining operations. 

Altiris helps organisations accomplish this by automating every aspect of IT lifecycle management. This helps organisations to streamline operations, reduce costs, improve quality of service and maintain a stable operating environment. Customers who use Altiris solutions to manage their IT environments, have:

  • Standardize IT systems and processes

  • Reduce the cost of IT operations

  • Reduce the number of applications, hardware platforms and operating systems

  • Improve service levels and efficiency

  • Reduce the number of vendors

Altiris solutions work together to help you manage your IT systems with:

  • Administration of Windows Server, monitor disk usage and system resources

  • Performance monitoring and reporting

  • Manage email and internet access and usage

  • Connecting new PC’s to network, configure server to support new desktop equipment, testing user environment.

Altiris solutions work together to help you manage your IT systems with:

  • A single, Web-based console

  • A centralized configuration management database and definitive software library

  • Altiris Extensible Management Architecture™

  • Connectors to third-party data sources

  • Automated deployment and migration

  • Process-oriented software packaging

  • Proactive installation state management

  • Automated patch management

Advanced software virtualization technology