Strategic Planning

Unified Solutions Australia’s approach to Strategic Planning is to map out the path for future information system needs in the organisation. This process involves looking at the past so lessons can be learnt and positive achievements can be further developed. Future plans will be framed within the context of the organisation’s goals and objectives, to ensure they make a positive contribution to the organisation as

The focus of any information system is to provide a secure, efficient and functional environment for the business to process their data. The challenge is providing an infrastructure that addresses these requirements in an ever changing world that continues to evolve, rising physical and virtual security threats, placing more time demands on the workforce which requires more complex outcomes. Freedom Technologies is able to provide the knowledge base to help keep up with these changes and to maximise the return on investment in your IT systems. 

Our approach to Strategic Planning is as follows: 

• Work with management to identify that current and future IT systems infrastructure meet the current and projected needs of the business
• Advise on technology advances and how they can be best applied to your environment
• Liaise with users and management to ensure all applications meet current and future requirements
• Ensure budgetary constraints and corporate policies are adhered to
• Disaster Recovery Planning, design and implementation

Complete systems reviews are undertaken which includes the following activities: 

• Site Audit
• Infrastructure Review
• Budget Setting
• Implementation Rollout